• Easily collaborate across multiple work sites and offices.
  • Effective call handling cuts costs for you and increases customer satisfaction.
  • All you need in one comprehensive telephone system from a world-leading brand.
  • Full support from our qualified Avaya engineers.


What is Avaya IP Office?

Avaya IP Office is a leading telephone systems which will improve your company communication, both internally and externally. Packed with features such as remote working options, VoIP, video, and comprehensive call management, this is a one step solution to your business telephony needs.

Why Choose Technology Box?

When you choose a telephony system, you need to know that round the clock support is available, and that you're not just another number. When you choose an Avaya telephony system through Technology Box, you're buying into a globally leading technology but backed by the personalised service of our small, friendly, UK based company. If it matters to you, it matters to us ,and we take the time to ensure that our fully trained Avaya engineers will put your business first.

Is Avaya IP Office Right for My Business?

Do you want a simple phone system that just works? Do you have staff across multiple sites? Do you need VoIP capabilities, video and call logging? Avaya IP is designed to be as flexible as you need it to be. From a small business to a corporate set up, you can choose the configuration which makes sense for you. If you need to make a good customer impression and to streamline your call handling processes, Avaya IP is the perfect choice - it has everything a new business needs to hit the ground running, yet is robust and scalable enough to cope with the highest volume of calls in a big business.

What are the Key Features?

Key features of Avaya IP Office include:

  • Complete call management, including hold, pick-up, and transfer.
  • Voicemail and call waiting for improvements in customer relations.
  • Computer-telephone integration allowing your system to integrate with email, PCs and Macs.
  • VoIP and video options to allow staff to collaborate effortlessly.
What handsets will work with the system?
1608 IP Deskphone

1608 model deskphone

1616 IP Deskphone

1616 model deskphone

B179 Conference phone

B179 model deskphone

3725 DECT handset

3720 DECT handset

9608 Deskphone

9608 Deskphone

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"Technology Box been a valuable partner to us and have managed our systems reliably with a fast, efficient and friendly service."

Vivek Gargav

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