Calls and Lines


  • Access exclusive business pricing and tariffs which are not available via companies such as BT.
  • Save up to 35% on your phone bills, making improved teamwork and better customer service a cost effective possibility.
  • Embrace flexible working practices, with staff easily able to work and keep in touch from home, or while out in the field.
  • Robust and reliable dedicated corporate phone lines which don't compromise on quality.


Who Provides the Service?

Technology Box have teamed up with Gamma, the UK's 4th largest network, to provide dedicated corporate phone lines for businesses. You'll enjoy access to many major networks across the country, including BT, EE and Virgin Media, and a strong, reliable connection means your business can communicate better, for longer and more widely.

Can I keep my Existing Number?

Absolutely! If you wish to retain the same contact number as before, we can simply arrange for calls to be routed to the existing contact. This allows for a completely seamless transfer across to the Gamma network, reducing confusion for clients and customers.

What is the Business Case for Switching?

A dedicated business line can significantly cut your phone costs, enabling you to focus your budget elsewhere. The reliability of the UK's 4th largest network also brings you peace of mind, and makes it much easier to introduce remote working and other flexible business ideas.

Why use Technology Box?

Although Technology Box offer calls and line rental through one of the UK's biggest and most prominent of network providers, we don’t compromise on what makes us ‘us’. When arranging to switch through Technology Box, you’ll still enjoy the same personal touch that we’ve become known for, and you’ll still appreciate the skill and expertise of our qualified engineers who can provide help and support every step of the way.

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Helped with Office Move - Cube Design Consultants

"Technology Box have supplied Telephone and Data Services to Cube for the last 4 years, including a seamless switch when we moved offices.They have always provided a first class service."

Phil Judge