• Benefit from ongoing support and management from an experienced Dropbox partner at no extra cost.
  • Share files with colleagues, clients or investors instantly, around the clock.
  • Work together effortlessly from different sites, boosting internal and external communications.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of safe and secure cloud storage, with hassle-free backup and recovery.

Dropbox is currently used by more than 300 million people all around the world. This file hosting service ensures accurate syncing between device and cloud which enables businesses to instantly access up-to-date files and work on the latest versions to reduce error. Compatible with Microsoft, Apple, Android, and Blackberry devices, businesses will experience a seamless transition to using Dropbox, allowing staff to utilise the service from a device that they’re already familiar with and comfortable in using, reducing the need for costly and time consuming staff training and ensuring complete business continuity during setup.


What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a secure cloud storage solution which enables your staff to enjoy flexible working. Read, edit and share documents from any location, safely and securely. Downtime is reduced and productivity rises as staff can access their files instantly from the office, home or while on the move. Security options in Dropbox are strong and robust, protecting you against business leaks and brand damage.

Why should I choose Technology Box to Install and Support Dropbox?

As part of the official Dropbox Partner Network, all Technology Box engineers hold a Dropbox certification which ensures they’re skilled in the installation, support, and ongoing maintenance of Dropbox. By ordering from Technology Box, you’ll benefit from insider advice and knowledge from experts with more than 10 years experience under their belts, and a friendly and personalised service.

What extra features does Dropbox for Business have?

Dropbox makes it simple for managers to see a complete overview of their teams - including what individual employees are working on - in order to ensure each member is utilising their time effectively. Managers can use this information to add more people to a struggling project, to assign the most experienced worker to a new project, or keep track of project hours to ensure accurate client billing.

What is the Business case for using Dropbox?

Your employees can use Dropbox via the devices they’re comfortable with, which means they’ll pick up the ins and outs of the hosting service in no time. This reduces the need for lengthy, time consuming, and costly staff training, and frees up your IT department to focus on more productive and profitable tasks. Business continuity is also an important plus to Dropbox - in the event of an emergency, your business will be able to stay open with documents and data securely stored in the cloud.


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