Fibre Ethernet


  • A fast, reliable connection to meet the demands of your modern business.
  • Utilise the UK's 4th largest network to enjoy seamless communication via voice and video.
  • A dedicated connection means your service and speed are not affected by other businesses.
  • Fast access to cloud stored files, reduced download times and seamless media streaming.


Why Use Technology Box?

We partner with Gamma, the UK's 4th largest network, to deliver fibre internet - this ensures that you receive a dedicated internet connection which will meet or exceed your business expectations. Technology Box engineers are skilled, experienced, friendly, and professional, providing big name services and products with a small business, personalised feel.

Do I need Ethernet for my Business?

Would you benefit from streamlining your business communications? If so, Ethernet is a better option for you than copper, cable or DSL lines which no longer have the power or speed to support seamless voice and video. With fibre internet, you'll be able to make full use of VoIP, enabling your team to collaborate effectively and giving your customers an improved customer service experience.

How is this Different from BT Infinity or Other Cheaper "Fibre" Offers?

The difference is in the dedicated connection - other types of fibre internet connections are shared with local businesses, or domestic households, which will compromise speed. With Gamma and Technology Box, your dedicated connection is exclusive to you, and ensures a 99.9% up time.

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VoIP and Fibre Internet - Yeomans Creative

"Technology Box have been a great partner over the past year providing great service and support to our growing business. a pleasure to work with. Yeomans Press Ltd"

Alistair Hill