• An all-in-one security system which is easy to install and to maintain.
  • Comprehensive protection from viruses and hacking, ensuring client confidentiality at all times.
  • Minimise downtime and free up your IT department for more proactive and profitable tasks.
  • Benefit from the industry's fastest responding firewall, significantly reducing IT emergencies.


What are FortiGate Firewalls?

FortiGate firewalls are next generation security devices. You'll get anti-virus software, VPN, spam and content filtering and other proactive IT security features running in real time alongside the solid firewall features.

What is the Business Case for FortiGate Firewalls?

IT breaches are hugely expensive, both in terms of real cost and in terms of cost to your reputation. A FortiGate firewall will head off the vast majority of threats before they become a problem, and will quickly identify risks and potential issues. The product is fast and easy to install and is cost effective in terms of staff training times and maintenance. A FortiGate firewall provides a much needed extra layer of security on top of regular antivirus software. This is especially useful in ‘bring your own device networks’ where It administrators don’t always have full control of the devices that users bring onto the network.

Is FortiGate Right for My Business?

Whatever size your business is, a FortiGate firewall can grow with you. Available as a virtual appliance, managed via a web interface, or as a physical appliance, you choose the option which best suits your business at this time.

Why Choose Technology Box?

You'll benefit from our decade plus of experience in network security and FortiGate systems. Our friendly staff take a personalised approach, getting to know your business and recommending solutions which work for you.

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