Voice over IP


  • Enjoy VoIP through Gamma, the UK's 4th largest network.
  • Keep your existing BT telephone numbers, no matter where you move.
  • Free UK calls and low line rental.
  • Support from friendly and highly skilled engineers.
  • Replace traditional ISDN and landlines to reduce costs and increase flexibility.


What is SIP?

SIP trunking is a cost effective VoIP and streaming media solution for your office environment. Enjoy free internal calls, replace ISDN lines with IP connections and significantly reduce your costs into the bargain.

What is the Quality Like? Is it Resilient?

Since we use the Gamma network, you can enjoy peace of mind about the quality and resilience of SIP trunking with Technology Box. The quality is proactively monitored and you can expect a quick response to any issues which arise.

What are the Business Reasons for Using SIP?

How would your business fare in the event of a natural disaster or major break in? Would you find yourself at a loss without a telephony system you can rely upon? Not so with SIP - business continuity is one of the major reasons why so many businesses opt for SIP.

Flexibility is another core advantage of SIP. As your business grows, you can add new lines as you need them. SIP will grow with your business, and can easily adapt to meet your changing needs as your business matures.

Can I Use SIP?

Most modern phone systems are SIP compatible, which means there’s no need to pay out for dedicated systems. If you’re interested in utilising VoIP, Technology Box highly recommend Avaya IP Office or Swyx, both of which offer numerous advantages to SMEs.

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