Our Sustainability Commitment

Here at Technology Box, green issues have always been central to the way we work and how we choose to spend our leisure time. Now, on the company’s tenth birthday, we are making a formal commitment to put sustainability at the heart of our business. Beginning with publishing our sustainability policy below, we will review our activities every year to ensure that we are able to give you sector-leading green performance to match the top products and personal service you rely on.

In our offices

Saving energy

We will:

  • Adopt policies for shutting down equipment, heating and lighting as far as possible when it’s not needed.
  • We will use monitoring technologies to track our energy and use the information to identify and make savings.
  • Quantify our targets after 1 year of monitoring.
  • Use energy efficiency as a criteria for selecting new equipment.
  • Research and test new energy saving approaches and add these to our product portfolio.

Renewable energy

Technology Box will work with landlords and suppliers to work towards 100% renewables in our operations within 7 years.

Currently, very little of the world’s power is from renewables like wind and solar. Switching the world’s energy supplies away from fossil fuels is now an urgent requirement for humanity.

We (Ian and Rachel) have just put solar panels on our home to go with our 100% green electricity supplier. Now Technology Box will seek to work with our landlords and suppliers to work towards 100% renewables in our operations as soon as we can.

To achieve this we will:

  • Seek to persuade the landlords of our offices spaces in Hastings and Norwich to switch to a renewable energy provider.

Reducing waste, maximising re-use and recycling

  • Avoid over-ordering
  • Select low-packaging options
  • Use FSC paper products
  • Ensure all office waste is recycled

Saving Water

We will also work with our landlords to do the following.

  • Fit low use fittings - taps, cisterns
  • Fix drips and leaks promptly
  • Reduce water bill year on year

Across our operations

Saving energy

  • Use energy efficiency as a criteria for selecting new partners, suppliers and equipment.
  • Ask our data centre partners about their plans to reduce the energy footprint of their operations
  • Ask major partners and suppliers to report on their sustainability performance

Renewable energy

  • Seek to persuade our data centre partners in Derby and Amsterdam to switch to a renewable energy provider.
  • Select cloud providers who use 100% renewables.
  • Where we use a service and there is no renewable alternative, we’ll ask them to consider making the switch and regularly review.

Reducing waste, maximising re-use and recycling

Before we buy new equipment, we look for ways to reuse what we already have. When we can’t find a new use for equipment, we completely erase any components that store data, and then resell or donate it. As a last resort we recycle 100% of broken equipment at a nearby state of the art facility.

We will:

  • Find new uses for old equipment
  • Choose equipment well so it doesn't need replacing as often
  • Use upgrades to get extra life out of equipment
  • Securely erase data from old equipment and sell or donate it
  • Where there is no value in equipment we will recycle it at Sweeep.

When we are travelling

Travel is responsible for a large proportion of CO2 emissions. Our products already greatly reduce the need to travel but there is always room for improvement.

We will:

  • Use VoIP, collaboration and remote support tools to reduce the number of customer site visits.
  • Use train travel wherever practical for visiting customers.
  • Select company vehicles that minimise CO2 emissions. Currently our van is 155-180 g/km. Good in it's class but poor overall
  • We will try to make a switch to electric company vehicles in the next 5 years.
  • Estimate our baseline travel footprint in year 1 and seek to reduce fossil fuel miles per team member.


As a last resort when we can’t eliminate energy usage or switch to renewables (eg overseas flights, non-electric vehicles) we will offset the carbon emissions via a high-quality carbon offset scheme (registered via the CDM gold standard).

For our staff

  • Offer incentives for our home workers to use renewable electricity providers at home
  • We will facilitate home working using the best available VoIP and collaboration tools.
  • Provide home workers with fast and reliable Internet.
  • Encourage everyone in the team to walk or cycle to work

Green investments

Technology Box will increasingly divest its pension scheme and other company savings from fossil fuels and other environmentally damaging technologies.

Our services to you

Technology Box is in a good position to help customers reduce their environmental footprint through our expertise in VoIP, fast connectivity and advanced communication tools.
Fast Internet, free telephone calls and replacing inefficient onsite equipment with virtualized and cloud-based services has a huge potential to improve your environmental footprint.

We will supply you with:

  • High bandwidth, reliable Internet at the lowest price possible.
  • Free telephone calls so that more business can be done without travel.
  • State of the art video conferencing technologies so that more business can be done without travel.
  • High quality screens and end user devices to allow less paper to be used and enable effortless online collaboration.
  • Advice on choosing low energy devices.
  • Good quality equipment with a long expected life
  • Wherever possible, equipment that can be repaired or upgraded rather than replaced