Technology Box partners with CodeTwo

Technology Box have partnered with CodeTwo to offer Backup for Office 365 .
This centrally managed software allows you to granularly backup your Office 365 mailboxes and public folders to a local drive.


Create offline backup copies of your Office 365 mailboxes and Public Folders to local storage.
Create a one-time backup job or set the program to perform continuous incremental backups.
All backup jobs work in the background and have no affect on your users.


All backups can be browsed offline offering access to your mailboxes during lack of connectivity with Office 365.
This offline storage allows you to reverse malicious deletions and accidental corruptions of Office 365 data by restoring healthy snapshots.
Offline storage can help with legal requirements regarding electronic record retention.


You can restore full mailboxes, selected folders or particular items only, even to other mailboxes or Office 365 plans.
Individual contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journal, etc. can be restored, not only email.

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